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Thekra Or Zekra ذكرى Collections

Thekra Mohammed Abdullah Al Dali (Arabic: ذكرى محمد عبدالله الدالي; September 16, 1966 – November 28, 2003), better known as Thekra (Arabic: ذكرى also spelled Thikra, Zekra or Zikra) was a Tunisian The word "Thekra" is Arabic for a memory or memorial.

Early life She was the eighth youngest among her siblings Tawfeeq, Mohsin, Al Sayyidah, Salwa, Al Habeeb, Hajar, Kawthar and Wedaad. She attended elementary school in Wadi Al Lail and later transferred to to Al Khaznadar (Arabic script: الخزندار) elementary school to complete her studies. Career She started performing at school, her father was very supportive while her mother didn't accept it. After her father's death her mother started to support her as her brothers and sisters did. In 1980, she performed in the "Fan Wa Mawahib" (Arabic: فن و مواهب), which impressed the judges and Ez Al Deen Al Ayyashi noticed her, so she joined the show's chorus. In 1983 she had her first own song composed by "Abdul Hameed Khareef". In the same year, she performed at the Carthage festival. Later she joined the Tunisian Radio and TV National band, vocal group section and that's when she met "Abdul rahman Al Ayyadi" who composed many of her songs later. At the time Thekra was known with her powerful "voice" and her ability to perform any kind of Arab genres including "Qasa'ed", "Mowashahaat" and "Tarab" songs. Thekra in Egypt After her career in Libya, she moved back to Tunisia for a while but then she went to Egypt and begins her career to be known in the whole Arab World. In Egypt, she met the "Hani Mihanna" who produced 2 albums of her and they are "Wehyati Andak" in the year 1995 which was an instant hit in the Arab world, until then she was known in the West side of the Arab world only but after that album she became widely known all over the Arab world. Mr. Mihnna also produced her 2nd and last album with her which was "As'har Ma'ah Sertak" in the year 1997. Few months later of the year 1997 she released another album with a different producer which was "Al Asami" and in the year 2000 "Yana". Her last release album in Egypt was Youm Aleek in the year 2003 only 3 days before her murder! Her voice was very powerful and that's made the in Egypt notice her such as "Salah Al Sharnoobi" and "Hilmi Bakir". performed in Egyptian Arabic were:

  • "Wehyati Andak" ( و حياتي عندك).
  • "Mish Kol Hob" ( مش كل حب).
  • "Youm Aleek" ( يوم عليك).
  • "Bahlam Beloqak" ( بحلم بلقاك).
  • "Al Asami" ( الاسامي).
  • "Yana" ( يانا).
  • "Ya Azeez Aini" ( يا عزيز عيني).
  • "Law Ya Habeebi" ( لو يا حبيبي).
  • "Ya Khofi" ( يا خوفي).
Thekra in GCC and Gulf region Thekra performed many songs and album in different Arab dialects including "Khaleeji". She released many Khaleeji albums and they are:
  • Thekra (1998).
  • Thekra 2(2002).
  • Thekra 3 (2003).
  • "Wish Maseeri" (2003).
She also performed many duets with Khaleeji singers such as Abo Bakir Salim in the song "Mishghil Al Tafkeer", and duet with Mohammed Abdo in the year (2003). She was going to perform a duet with Abdullah Al Rowaished but she was killed before recording it. Her greatest hits in Gulf Arabic are:
  • "Elain El Youm" ( الين اليوم).
  • "Wainik Enta" ( وينك انت).
  • "Ma Feeni Shai" (ما فيني شي).
  • "Ahibbik Moot" ( احبك موت).
  • "Ghayib" ( غايب).
  • "Al Jarh" ( الجرح).
  • "Qalaha" ( قالها).
  • "Hatha Ana" ( هذا انا).
  • "Al Mesafir" ( المسافر).
Death On November 28 2003, she was murderd by her husband Ayman Al Sowaidi with 16 bullets using a machine gun. He also killed his manager, then committed suicide. Crowds of people and went out to the streets mourning her death. She was going to be buried in Egypt but Latifa immediately called "Hala Sarhan" and the prince "Al Waleed Bin Talal" the owner of Rotana, the producer of Thekra's last album alive "Youm Aleek", who rented her an airplane to take her to Tunisia.

Ash'ar Ma'a Sertak @ 192 kb 01. As'har Ma'a Sertak 02. Leil We Shouq 03. Wala Hammoh 04. Fedelt Ahlam 05. Allemni El Hawa Download Here
2- El Esami @ 192 kb 01. Inta Keda 02. Aloo 03. El Asami 04. Mesh Fadel Lak 05. Aref 06. Kol Ele Lamooni 07. Akhaf Aleek 08. El Hayah Download Here
3-Thekra Vol.1 @ 192 kb 01 - La Maho Wajed 02 - Ya Layemi 03 - Dekheel Allah 04 - Galaha 05 - Ebte'ed Ani(withTala Madah) 06 - Shahar 07 - Weda'tek Galbi 08 - Elain El Yoam 09 - Hatha Ana 10 - Ahatherak 11 - Aghany Gedeema Download Here 4-Thekra Vol.02 @ 192kb 01. Mashi El Haal 02. A'tether Lek 03. Meseer El Hay 04. El Mahabah 05. Ya Habibi 06. Wesh Akhbari 07. Mafeeni Shay 08. Ghayeb 09. Azat Alay Nafsi 10. Ahebak Moot 11. Ajeelak Shoog Download Here 5-Thekra Vol.03 @ 192kb 01. El Jarh 02. Mesafer 03. Al Madeenah Wa Al Ghareeb 04. Ketha 05.Ayddissa'ah 06. Fazeet 07. Atfaal 08. Hibayebi 09. Alf Omer 10. Hatha Int 11. Ketab 12. Ma Yabeena Download Here 6-Yana Yana @ 192 kb 01. Allah Ghaleb 02. Yana 03. Azeez Ainy 04. Mabnetkalemsh 05.Teb'ed Anny 06. Gare'ah 07. Enta 08.Halooh Download Here
7-Youm Alek @ 192 kb 01. Youm Aleek 02. Bahlam Beloak 03. Ya Layali 04. Aziz Ghali 05. Shawaooni Leek 06. Law Ya Habibi 07. Elli Khadooni 08. Ana Shayfah 09. Bahlam Beloak Music Download Here
9-Wesh Maseeri @ 192 kb 01 - Ezzein Hatha 02 - Wijoudi 03 - Min Nathartahi 04 - Ah Ya Min Wann 05 - Nathrat Ouyinik 06 - Ethalti Nafsi 07 - Wesh Maseeri Download Here
Thekra Sings Om Kalthoum @ 192 kb 1. El Hobbi Koullouh 2. Arouh Leemeen 3. Darit El Ayyam 4. Lil Sabri Hdood Download Here
10- Voice of the gulf (Radio) & Qatar (Tv)@ 128 kb CD 1 1- Wak Delaniy 2- Mashi Al-Haal 3- Mafeeni Shay 4- Ya Layemi 5- Ya Asheriy 6- Aazzat Alai Nafsi 7- Ebteed Anny 8- Kethap Download Here CD 2 1- Magadeer 2- El-Resaiiel 3- Meseer El-Hay 4- Mayabeena 5- Hatha Int 6- El-Mahabah 7- Fazeet 8- Mesafer 9- Hibayebi Download Here
Aghany A'aajabatny With Thamer Al Turkey @ 192 kb 01 - La Te'allemni 02 - Ya Nab'at Al Reehan 03 - Su'aal 04 - Yahel El Hawa 05 - Absheri 06 - Jazah Allah 07 - Aiwah 08 - Eb'ed We Insani 09 - Adri 10 - Al Ain Download Here
Wa Tabqa Thekra @ 192 kb 1. La Tefakkar 2. Akher Al Meshwar 3. Ya Hob 4. Allemni El Hob 5. Ghaltana 6. Akeed Abez'al 7. Ma Yenfa'ak Download Here
Wehyati Andak 1. We Min Ye'dar 2. Erga'li 3. Wehyati Andak 4. Hobbak Agab 5. Ana Zay Zaman 6. Ya Khoufi 7. Allemni El Hawa 8. Mish Kol Hob Download Here


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